Medical Affairs

Harness the power of the vast stores of published medical literature and generate critical competitive intelligence.

Dr.Evidence™ is the medical intelligence platform that helps you quickly identify breakthrough insights and gain real-time competitive intelligence to efficiently support product strategy.


Select Use Cases

Search and Continuous Monitoring: Literature, Trials and RWE - Derive actionable, real-time insights from PubMed,, WHO trials, global drug labels, EMA documentation, RSS feeds and conference abstracts. Get an immediate snapshot of the quantity and quality of the evidence associated with patient populations, interventions and outcomes. Our proprietary machine learning algorithms indicate whether the information is based on RCTs, RWE, human studies or clinical studies.

Landscape Understanding and Competitive Intelligence - Identify and prioritize new therapeutic areas and indication expansion opportunities by easily synthesizing the ever-expanding volume of current literature and analyzing labels of on-market competitors. Generate an instant, dynamic landscape assessment that includes an overview of quantity, quality, top interventions, clinical trial status and more.